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05 Oktober 2011

Belajar Bahasa Inggris Gratis

Hi Guys, what's up??

So long i didn't post in my blog, yeah a little bit no idea lately....heheh..
Today i just wanna share, how to practice and study english without spent your money?
it's easy way to do. This way i've practiced before.

The tips are:

  1. Keep your spirit to be excellent in english.
  2. Listening song with english lyrics.
  3. Watching west movie without subtittle, try to listening by the dialogue.
  4. Read 20%, Practice 80 %. You can read the english structure and try in your daily activity.
  5. Find your partner. Maybe you can practice english everyday with your friend, classmate, family, roomate, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or western people that you find suddenly in market, street, etc...or text email to some foreign i've done....heheheh
England, Louis and his girlfriend (totally forgot her name, cause my eye just starring at Louis)

Thrusday, September 22th, 2011. At Monas. Mixed Graduation Ceremony of Transportation Corps.

The weather is so hot in Monas, i've waited for the ceremony end as soon as possible. I and my friend Jeanny just walked around the tent. Suddenly my eye starred at two peoples that not similiar with us, Indonesian. 
Me = "Jean, let's we take a pic with them !"
Jean = "ok, :))"
Me = "Hi, would you mind to take a pic with us"
The Girl ="of course not" (smilling)

...........(taked a pic)
Me = " Hi, my name is Bella"
The Girl = "i'm _ _ _ _"
Louis = " i'm Louis"
(Jeanny did the same way with me, handshaked them)

Me = "where do you coming from?"
Them = "england"
Me = "oh england"
The Girl = "what is going on eith this event?" (so fast with her english accent)
Me = "sorry " #@?#$#$%

The Girl repeated her question
Me = "oohhh..this is graduation ceremony"
The Girl = "why are you using uniform?"
Me = "ohh i'm a cadet, still studying to be an air traffic controller"
The Girl = (supprised) "Wow, are all of you army guys?"
Me = "oh no, we are civil, but we are cadet from transportation corps, how long you'll be here?"
Them = "a month, and we've just arrived yesterday, it's 13(if i didn't wrong) hours in flight"
Me = "wow, so long yeah...are you just visit Jakarta?"
Them = "no, tomorrow we'll visit Jogjakarta, Mataram"
Me = "Bali"
Them = "yeah Bali"

Me = "okay guys, nice to meet you, enjoy your vacation"
Them = "nice to meet you too, thanks" 

it's easy guys, don't be afraid to practice english, don't thing too hard to choose the best word, but try to speak that your partner will be clearly understand what you've said. :)
I've texted message in Facebook and got the reply from my friend in Argentina , Adelita Recalde
and texted email to Mr. Azuma Kunihiko from Japan. In my mind is they are not england and they 're not using english in their daily activity, so am i. So don't afraid to practice your english in so many ways.....enjoy your practice....

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  1. wow! what a nice posting...bermanfaat bgt...patut di coba. potonya pas di monas yah...familiar sekali soalnya. :D

  2. @Tangguh : yeah..thanks....of course know it well lah,,,...hehheh


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